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The image for is the work of Nate Abrishamian, a talented, young graphic artist. If you would like him to design an image for you, please contact him at or instagram@epicgfxdesign.

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By Words Alone: Performance Lit and Acoustic Music Recommended Ages: All ages welcome The third Friday of each month beginning September 20, 2019 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Sign up is at 7;15 Presenter: Spoken

It Rains Here Day Three

It Rains Here Day Three I woke up at the bottom of a deeper fog than usual after going to a Christmas party where musicians I have come to know were singing carols and jamming. I jumped in with the on

Here is the short story I promised for Halloween

DIR AND THE HOWLERS Fara sat on the edge of the dimly lit stage at the Boneyard Arts and Cultural Center snapping her bare thigh with the twig. A welt reddened below the hem of her white frock and one


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Here are the prices and payment schedules for creative writing services.

          All payments are made in advance of the service.

One and Done: 35 Flat Fee

          Projects are typically flash or micro fiction and or ten-minute plays. 

Critique: 75 Flat Fee

           Projects are typically short stories or one act plays.

Content Review and Prepublication Book Format

         150 Flat Fee Payable in three payments.

               75 Content Review and Edit

               50 Second Review and Edit

               25 Final review and Edit


Shipping costs and sales taxes are added to the purchase price.

Signed books are not returnable.


 All book transactions are handled via the Wixsite store and pay pal.

 Creative writing service transactions are completed by invoice.

 Debit or credit cards are accepted.

 Direct payment using pay pal is accepted  

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