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The Mayor Of Cannibal Flats


A ghost story for adults to be read out loud as entertainment at a Halloween party. Created in the style of the radio plays of the 1930's and 1940's, The Mayor of Cannibal Flats is based on the Alfred Packer incident that occurred in southwestern Colorado in the 1880's. Willing guests are asked to pick a character and simply read the dialogue. No acting experience or scenery is necessary, but a willingness to have fun is. The play is short, funny, and will keep the middle of any party from lagging. Dramatic gestures and shrieking are encouraged, but not required. All you and your guests have to do is pick a part: Be a ghost, be the vampire, be the ghoul!

Not Halloween yet? You can still have a party. Invite your guests to perform the bonus play, The Mayor at The Tar Pits. Choose a part and howl with The Mayor and her pets. Dramatic gestures and shrieking will come naturally, So will the fun.

The Mayor Of Cannibal Flats

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